About Us
Your partner in specialty oils and fats

We are a leading producer of plant-based specialty oils and fats for the food manufacturing and foodservice industry around the globe. We operate as Bunge Limited's global B2B specialty oils and fats business. Our products are used in a wide range of applications, from bakery and confectionery to culinary and human nutrition.

With in-depth knowledge of ingredients, applications and processes, the Bunge Loders Croklaan team closely cooperates with customers to develop tailored solutions and create innovative products that differentiate them in in the marketplace.

Rich heritage

Our global network of experts, solid quality and a strong focus on sustainability and supply chain excellence. These have been Bunge Loders Croklaan's key strengths for decades. Our work began in 1818, when Johan Bunge founded a trading company in Amsterdam. In 1884, together with the Born familiy, it launched a grain trading company in Argentina. In 1905 the company expanded to Brazil and in 1918 to North America, the world's largest agricultural market. Asia and Europe followed, as Bunge steadily established itself in the world's great crop-growing regions, while staying close to customers it served.

Also in the 1800s, two separate companies were founded: the Dutch Crok & Laan (1891) and the British Loders & Nucoline (1890), both successful in vegetable oils and fats. Unilever acquired Crok & Laan in 1970 and merged it with its own subsidiary Loders & Nucoline, and Loders Croklaan was established. The company was sold in 2002 to the Malaysian IOI Group. In March 2018 Loders Croklaan became part of Bunge creating the global leader in specialty oils and fats.

With this rich heritage, Bunge Loders Croklaan now has an unmatched global presence, offering a full range of seed- and tropical oils. With our state-of-the-art refining processes, we deliver unique functionality to food products, from bakery and confectionery to plant-based foods and human nutrition. With our technical expertise and market knowledge, we understand your business like no other and partner with you to add value to your end product. And with our integrated, sustainable and transparent supply chains, we balance economic, social, and environmental interests to create long-term shared value. All this enables us to work with you to create tasty, high quality sustainable products that propel you in the marketplace.

Core values

All Bunge companies live by five core values. They express who we are, what we do and the difference we make in the world. They are the basis for our strategy, goals, ideas and beliefs.

Meet our global leadership team

Aaron Buettner

President Bunge Loders Croklaan

Matthias Richter

Vice President North America

David Vandermeersch

Vice President EMEA

Paul Ayton

Vice President Asia

Junior Gervasio Justino

Vice President South America

Samir Jain

General Manager India

Samuel Saenz Rozas

Chief Financial Officer

Eugenia Zorila

Vice President Operations

Veronica Herboth

Vice President Global Commercial Excellence

Sharon Walbert

Vice President Global Innovation

Brett Caplice

Vice President Global Strategic Pricing

Emiliano Rial Verde

Vice President Nutrition

Brian Douville

Vice President Specialty Ingredients

Hens van Wingerden

Vice President Human Resources