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The Ideal Choice for Infant Formula

Breastfeeding gives babies the best start in life. But when it's not an option, choosing the best infant formula is key for healthy growth and development.

Betapol® is the ideal choice for infant formula because it mimics the fat composition and unique OPO fat structure of mother’s milk, allowing babies to absorb more energy and calcium which leads to scientifically proven benefits. That's why it's widely trusted as the standard for OPO fats. 

Our innovative Betapol Plus even provides the possibility to bring the highest OPO levels available in the market.

In Short:
Natural ingredients only
Steady supply of high-quality OPO fat
Global production
Excellent food safety
Strict contaminant control
OPO Explained

Many standard infant milk formulas have a fat structure that resembles breast milk fat, but the fatty acids are positioned differently.
The fatty acid composition of Betapol® mimics the unique OPO structure naturally present in in breast milk. As a result, it optimizes absorption of palmitic acid and calcium which are crucial to energy intake and bone formation.

Innovation Today and Tomorrow

Together with established infant nutrition authorities in Europe, we have committed to a major long-term research program to identify and substantiate new Betapol® benefits. These studies have already indicated that Betapol® has a positive impact on brain function and physical development. These SN-2 palmitate fat innovations will enable us to extend the Betapol® portfolio and further develop new OPO products and product combinations adding value to your brand

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Enabling your brand
Over 30 years ago, we invented the process behind Betapol®. With our extensive technical and applications expertise, we can help you identify the right Betapol® blend for your products and maximize your brand impact.