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Animal Nutrition

We understand the nutrition requirements of different animal species, and work with market specialists and research institutes to produce innovative, cost-effective oil and fat solutions that help optimize animal performance and maximize profits.

Optimize Animal Performance While Protecting Your Bottom Line

We also know how sensitive the market is to food safety. Our secure supply chain ensures consistent volumes of high-quality products. At the same time, the high traceability of our raw materials ensures safety of both animals and humans, while protecting your reputation and bottom line.

Ensuring quality and safety throughout the supply chain

We have our own quality assurance laboratories that check our raw materials and products at every point in the supply chain. In addition, our stringent quality control procedures are supported by GMP, ISO and other certifications to ensure compliance with current quality and safety standards.
We also invest heavily to ensure traceability of raw materials throughout all our supply chains. As a result, we always have a great deal of information about the origin of our products. This gives you more peace of mind than buying on the CIF market.
More information on sustainability of our raw materials is available here.

All in one package

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