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Human Nutrition
Oils and lipids are a vital part in improving and maintaining healthy infant and adult diets. While science is constantly growing our understanding of the role of lipids in nutrition and health, at the same time informed consumers are increasingly looking for healthier and tastier choices. Bunge Loders Croklaan is committed to bringing consumer demands and science together to improve diets across all stages of life.
Our OPO brand

As the inventor of OPO and a pioneer in quality infant nutrition ingredients, Bunge Loders Croklaan has more than 200 years of lipid and application expertise. Its global team of nutrition experts serves customers with a nutrition portfolio that caters for the full breath of needs in the infant, medical, and sports nutrition industries. Building on the company’s global footprint and integrated sustainable supply chains, the nutrition team is dedicated to ensuring consistent quality and worldwide availability of its lipid solutions.

Complete lipid solutions for infant, medical and sports nutrition
Lipids are a core ingredient in healthy diets and essential sources of
energy. The right nutritional balance can only be achieved through a careful selection of oils and lipids ingredients. Our portfolio includes oils from multiple plant sources, nutritional lipids and specialty ingredients to support balanced diets for all stages of life.

Our portfolio delivers benefits in the following areas:
• Term and pre-term infants with or without special medical needs
• Young and adult individuals with special medical needs at home
or at the hospital
• Professional or amateur athletes advancing their physical performance
• Elderly individuals seeking a healthy nutritional balance or improved
energy intake

Constant vigilance in ensuring excellence
With over 30 years of experience in nutrition, we know how sensitive the market is to food safety. Our focus on quality extends to all areas of our company. Every single day we work to optimize every aspect of our operations, from our analytical capabilities to our engineering solutions, in order to meet the highest quality and food safety requirements. This enables us to safeguard the highest quality standards, so you can order from us with confidence.

The New Standard in OPO

The new Betapol Plus range combines the benefits of OPO with the highest SN-2 levels available on the market. Designed to match mother's milk fat more closely.

All in one package

To know more about our Betapol Plus product, please download our brochure below.
Betapol® Plus Brochure
Betapol® Select Leaflet
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