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Agroideal: enabling sustainable expansion of soy
December 19, 2019

In 2017, Bunge built in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, other market participants, associations, financial institutions, NGOs, and private and public research agencies. The tool allows participants in the soybean value chain to assess the risks and opportunities of development, enabling intelligent planning for growth on already open areas suitable for soybean production with potential for high productivity. The tool integrates multiple data layers and enables users to create custom maps that show the relative opportunity and risk of agricultural expansion in specific regions.

The tool provides information on the Cerrado and Amazon regions in Brazil, and identifies the social and environmental risks and opportunities of soybean planting across more than 73 percent of the country, which is the world’s main soy exporter. 

As a result of its successful implementation, in May 2019, Agroideal Chaco was successfully released in Argentina. This open-source tool has been recognized as a major milestone in the promotion of sustainable agriculture in South America. You can access the tool at