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Amazon soy moratorium
December 18, 2019

Bunge is a founding member of the Amazon Soy Moratorium which was initiated by industry associations ABIOVE and ANEC in 2006. Members are required not to purchase soy from areas in the Amazon Biome that were deforested after July 2008, although soy is not a driver of deforestation in that Biome. As of December 2019, 279 farmers are blocked in our supply due to non-compliance with the Moratorium and similar protocols.

Open letter supporting the Amazon Soy Moratorium
In December 2019, a coalition of investment institutions and global corporates exposed to the Brazilian soy sector published an open letter aimed at the Brazilian Government.The letter calls for the protection of the ‘Amazon Soy Moratorium’, an agreement signed in 2006 to ensure that soy production in the Amazon region only occurs on existing converted agricultural land and not through deforestation of native vegetation. Since the implementation of the Moratorium, soy-related deforestation has decreased while Amazonian soy production has increased, showing that agricultural output can be increased while protecting tropical forests.

You can read more about this initiative here.