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Bunge Publishes 2021 Global Sustainability Report and Non-Deforestation Progress Report
June 07, 2021

Bunge released its 2021 Global Sustainability Report, highlighting company initiatives across three core pillars: Action on Climate, Responsible Supply Chains and Accountability.

“Never before has sustainability been so critical to our business and our future,” said Greg Heckman, Bunge’s Chief Executive Officer. “At Bunge, this means we factor the environmental and social challenges we must address into the daily business decisions we make while we continue to connect farmers to consumers to deliver the food, feed and fuel that society depends on every day.”

The 2021 report includes Bunge’s Global Non-Deforestation Report, featuring progress against soy sourcing in key regions at a higher risk of deforestation including the Cerrado region of South America and critical palm-producing areas in Southeast Asia. Bunge continues making significant strides toward its commitment to achieve deforestation-free supply chains by 2025 and has consistently issued reports describing progress in key performance indicators.

“We have the most ambitious global non-deforestation commitment in the sector – at least five years ahead of our main competitors. It includes every crop we source, everywhere we have a presence. Yet our actions will only be successful in achieving broader success against deforestation if we work together through multi-stakeholder collaboration. By seeking industry alignment on common definitions, cutoff dates, and other measures, we will witness more impactful and long-lasting transformation in the sector – none of which will happen if companies act alone,” highlighted Rob Coviello, Bunge’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Government Affairs Leader.

The Global Non-Deforestation Report includes details on Bunge’s traceability and monitoring efforts, supplier and farmer engagement – including digital tools and incentives – actions against non-compliance, multi-stakeholder collaborations and sustainability certifications.

For soy sourcing in South America, this is Bunge’s tenth report that showcases its industry-leading performance on the ground, with 100% traceability to all direct-source farms in the high-priority areas of South America.  Additionally, the company shares detailed information about how its teams carry out farmer engagement processes when deforestation/conversion of land in South America is detected.

For palm oil sourcing, Bunge has been focused on high traceability and has one of the highest traceability-to-plantation numbers in the industry. In our Global Non-Deforestation Report and palm oil dashboard, Bunge now reports 98% traceability to mill and 77% traceability to plantation – two critical measures for the sourcing of this commodity.

Read the Sustainability Report

Bunge 2021 Global Sustainability Report

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