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Finding common ground with shea crushers in Mali
Impact on the ground - shea
July 19, 2021

For shea nut crusher MaliShi, sustainability is a critical part of day-to-day operations. To build the capacity of women’s cooperatives, MaliShi carries out programs that focus on quality training and cooperative management and generating income for shea collectors year-round.  

These activities align perfectly with Bunge Loders Croklaan’s commitment to empowering women and future generations as part of our aforementioned “Where Life Grows” shea sustainability program. Over the past three years, we have partnered with MaliShi to improve their processing and shea butter quality standards, obtain the necessary food and quality certifications to supply global markets, and set up a high-performance shea crushing factory.

“This strategic partnership is the culmination of a process that began way before the laying of the first stone of our factory,” said Simballa Sylla, Director General of MaliShi. “Bunge Loders Croklaan was at our side during all phases of the project. Today, for us, they are much more than a commercial customer, because they are also a technical and strategic partner.”

Building these long-term relationships with our suppliers is an essential part of our work to add value to the West African countries we source shea from. By partnering with suppliers in this way, we can share knowledge and expertise, build direct relationships with women shea collectors and work together on a transparent and sustainable shea supply chain.