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Fortuna Smallgrower Socialization Program
July 13, 2018

Representatives from Bunge Loders Croklaan and Kerry Group engaged in a socialization program led by the Fortuna Palm Oil Mill sustainability team on July 13th. This socialization project is part of the Small-Growers Support Program initiated by Bunge Loders Croklaan and Kerry Group, which supports the inclusion of smallholders into the supply chain and will boost small farmers’ productivity by helping them implement sustainable agricultural practices.

The aim of the socialization program is to reach out to smallholders in the Sugut district, where Fortuna has an existing collection center that purchases FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunches) from over 350 smallholders. Over 80 smallholders attended the workshop in Kampung Binsulung. The attendees were briefed about the goals of the program and the workshop ended with a site visit to one of the farms in the village.

The first year of the program will focus on data gathering, traceability and soil improvement. Questionnaires will be shared with the smallholders to gather data on their agricultural practices and social background. The results of the questionnaire will assist in creating a gap analysis and provide the future direction of this program.

The Fortuna sustainability team is crucial to an effective implementation of this program and their involvement has evolved to taking responsibility of leading the engagement with smallholders proactively. The smallholders were excited to participate in a program that will bring about effective change.