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IOI Loders Croklaan supplier round-table session
November 01, 2017

A round-table session facilitated by Proforest was conducted for representatives from 6 supplying mills, 7 collection centers & several small producers operating in the North West Johor landscape.

The round-table session covered Labor practices and industry trends:

  • Self-evaluation on workforce recruitment, passport retention, minimum wage, etc.
  • Brief on ILO Convention and guiding principles on human rights
  • Legal requirements related to labor and human rights in Malaysia
  • MSPO’s requirements on labor & human rights.
  • IOI Group’s traceability to plantation initiative

Two leading end product manufacturers were also invited to discuss their Sustainability Policy and current efforts to transform the supply chain.IOI Loders Croklaan & Proforest will continue to monitor suppliers’ compliance and actively seek impactful collaborations within the industry to build a transparent and sustainable supply chain.