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IOI Loders Croklaan technical workshop and peat roadshow
November 09, 2017

IOI Loders Croklaan commits to working with its suppliers to ensure they become compliant to “No new Development on peatlands regardless of depth and implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP) for existing plantations on peat”.

The first peat roadshow was conducted for a particular mill and its suppliers in the Lower Kinabatangan region. The objective is to provide step-by-step support and BMP for existing plantations on peat to all FFB suppliers by leveraging the existing relationship between growers & miller. 

The event proved to be successful, all growers operating on the same peat dome attended the 2.5 day “in-field learning” conducted by a leading peat expert, Global Environment Center.

The Lower Kinabatangan region contains the largest remaining forested floodplain in Sabah, which supports some of the few surviving freshwater swamp rain-forests and oxbow lakes in South-East Asia. These evergreen swamp rain-forest are of global significance for biodiversity conservation. The recommendations from the peat roadshow serve to reduce off-site impacts to the environmentally sensitive areas of the Lower Kinabatangan region.

The participants also received technical support from Proforest in relation to several certification requirements (safety & health, environment, supply chain & management systems)