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Launching Betapol® Select: Premium infant lipid solution that closely mimics the natural balance in Chinese mother’s milk fat
Product innovation
January 20, 2021
Betapol® Select is a next generation innovation with balanced OPL and OPO structured lipids.

Wormerveer, Netherlands, 3 December – 20 January 2021 – Today, Bunge Loders Croklaan, a global leader in specialty oils and fats solutions for the food industry, announced the launch of Betapol® Select, a premium lipid ingredient for infant milk formula that is inspired by natural variations in the composition of human breast milk. Betapol® Select is Bunge Loders Croklaan’s first product line that mimics the fat composition of Chinese mother’s milk.

“With the launch of Betapol® Select today and award winning Betapol® Plus last year, we are expanding our infant nutritional lipids portfolio in all geographies and getting closer than ever before to the gold standard of mother’s milk ”, said Dr. Emiliano Rial Verde, Vice President Nutrition at Bunge Loders Croklaan. “Research in infant nutrition made us understand that macronutrients in human breast milk vary – not only with lactation stages, diurnally, and within feeds, but also regionally. These regional differences are influenced by the mother’s origin and diet. Our new solution combines the benefits of Betapol® with the OPL and OPO balance naturally present in Chinese mother’s milk fat.”

OPO and OPL are uniquely structured lipids naturally present in mother’s milk. The presence of palmitic acid in the center position (SN-2 palmitate) has been clinically proven, in the past decades, to improve energy intake, increase bone mineral density, reduce constipation, increase healthy gut bacteria, reduce crying, and improve sleep.

Research into mother’s milk fat
Recent research into mother’s milk has shown regional differences. In Western mothers’ milk fat, OPO is the most prevalent triglyceride, followed by OPL (Oleic-Palmitic- Linoleic). In Chinese mother’s milk, it is the other way around: the fat composition contains a higher level of OPL, followed by OPO. To mimic this balance, Betapol® Select provides a high level of SN-2 palmitate with the right combination of OPL and OPO triglycerides.

“Data from Chinese mother’s milk gave us confidence in introducing Betapol® Select to the Chinese market and respond to the needs of personalization that parents are looking for in premium infant nutrition”, says Dr. Wiola Mi, Global Human Nutrition Science Lead of the new generation Betapol®. “Breastfeeding provides babies with the best start in life, but when breastfeeding is not an option choosing the right infant formula is key for babies’ healthy growth and development. While mother’s milk fat contains only 3-4% fat, it provides 50% of a baby’s energy intake in the first six months. Especially designed for the needs of Chinese babies, Betapol® Select provides the right OPL-OPO balance to mimic Chinese mother’s milk fat and, at the same time, comply with the current and upcoming Chinese GB standards for infant and toddler formula".


Betapol® nutritional lipids portfolio
As the inventor of the OPO category and with over 30 years of experience in Infant Nutrition lipids, Bunge Loders Croklaan’s fats and oils are essential for formula manufacturers to reach the highest standard in terms of nutrition, safety, and quality.

  • Betapol®: The original OPO (SN-2 palmitate) products with up to 55% of palmitic acid in the SN-2 position.
  • Betapol® Plus: The highest OPO (SN-2 palmitate) products on the market with up to 75% of palmitic acid in the SN-2 position, mimicking the levels naturally occurring in mother’s milk; FiE Innovation Award winner 2019.
  • Betapol® Select: High SN-2 palmitate levels with the right balance of OPO and OPL (linoleic acid in positions 1 or 3) to mimic the fat composition of Chinese mothers’ milk.

Download the Betapol®Select leaflet

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