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Our commitment
March 26, 2020

As a global leader of the food supply chain, Bunge (Loders Croklaan) has the responsibility to continue delivering food and feed products to communities around the world in a safe and sustainable way. That’s why our employees and leadership are carefully monitoring and actively responding to the challenges COVID-19 is generating everywhere.

And we are not doing it alone. We have been working with farmers, suppliers, customers and others along our supply chain to continue to provide safe and healthy food. Our work is critically important and essential to help maintain well-being for our global population.

It is during moments of great challenge we fully understand the essential nature of our global food system and the role Bunge plays. We are proud of the ongoing efforts from all our employees for their commitment to serving those who rely on our work every day.

So far, Bunge’s operations continue running and a global task force has been established to ensure we are putting the right precautionary measures in place to keep our employees safe, and have business contingency plans to mitigate disruption and ensure we can continue to operate the business.  In these unpredictable times we will do everything we can to continue to play our role in the global food supply chain.

As we all face what will surely be additional challenges ahead, our focus will be on health and safety across all our operations. With more than two centuries of experience and deeply rooted relationships everywhere we operate, we are confident in our ability to adapt to business and operational demands as they evolve over the coming days and months. The safety and well-being of our employees and their families, suppliers, farmers, communities and customers remains a critical priority for our company.

We thank everyone for their efforts, commitment and contribution.