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Response to Amnesty International Report
December 02, 2016

One of the principles of our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (SPOP) is based on building traceable supply chains such that all suppliers are also in compliance with our commitments as contained in our Policy on Environmental Management, Human Rights and Workplace as well as Community Development and Social Impact. Respecting the rights of all workers is one of the key commitments of IOI’s SPOP. 

Specifically, IOI Group is committed:

•To eliminate all forms of illegal, forced, bonded, compulsory or child labor and in particular, follow responsible recruitment practices.

We view with deep concern the findings in the Amnesty International Report relating to alleged labor abuses on plantations owned by certain companies. As the companies mentioned in the report are part of our supply chain through our trading partners, we are monitoring the situation closely and will take the appropriate actions. These actions involve asking our trading partners to share with us their action plans as well as monitoring the progress of implementation of their action plans.

We understand that labor issues are complex and require collaboration among the industry members and other stakeholders to resolve. We are committed to using our voice and influence to address this matter and to working together with relevant stakeholders for a constructive approach to improve the issues at hand.

Dr. Surina Ismail
Group Head of Sustainability

Click here to read the Amnesty International Report 'The Great Palm Oil Scandal'